Training Department

Training Department Provides various types of training in school-college- madrasa units & Corporate sector. Such as Red Cross Red Crescent (RC/RC) Basic Training, Basic First Aid, Leadership, Search & Rescue, Project Based Training & workshop, Blood Donor motivation workshop, Training of Trainers (ToT) workshop etc. RC/RC Basic Training contents the basic information about the RC/RC movement. Basic First Aid Training contents emergency support techniques about Shock, Choking, CPR, Fit, Fainting, Unconsciousness, Bleeding management, Wounds management, Burn & Electric Injuries management, Bone fracture management, Poisoning & Bites etc. Leadership training such as leadership types & qualities, Team building, communication skill, Ice breaking etc. Search & Rescue training contents are emergency rescue, Fire rescue, Water rescue, High rise building rescue technique  Mass casualty management and psychological support. Project based workshop such as Restore Family Links (RFL), FbF, Cash Transfer programming (CTP) Level-1,Representative workshop, Motivational workshop, Communication With Communities (CwC),Other Situation of Violence (OSV) etc. Blood Donor Motivation such as Blood grouping , types of blood groups, Some basic information about Blood & Blood Donor etc. ToT contents are make a proper lesson plan, How to conduct a training program etc.We also demonstrate simulation of search & rescue, fire fighting and first aid  techniques in college units. Our Trainers are well experienced (at least 4  years) minimum on that particular area with Training of Trainers (ToT) holder.